Stony Acres Maple Farm

Maple Sugar Leaf Candy, 1/2 Lb. - Made only with Pure Maple Syrup

$ 10.39

These delicious treats are a great gift idea for friends and family! Or a sweet treat just for yourself!

Pure Maple Candy, 1/2 Lb.

Approximately 18-22 small leaves

Made with only Pure New York Maple Syrup!

We make candy every day for the freshest candy possible!

***The shelf life of candy is about 3-4 weeks***

Please allow a day or 2 to make your order.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Karma Lama
Absolutely delicious!

Fresh, creamy, delicious maple candies! The best I've ever had! Highly recommend!!

Stoney Acres Maple Farm Maple Candy

Gave the 1/2 pound box of maple candies to a former new England resident and she absolutely loved them!

Tony Ingram
Nostalgia is great

The prices are competitive, shipped fast and arrived on Christmas Eve. The product (100% maple syrup sugar candy) tastes grade "A". I ordered this on a whim when I was remenicing about Christmas past and remembered a childhood winter treat we would get on grandma's farm. Thanks for the memories.

Jennifer Donnal
Tasty Treat!

I just love the maple candy! I had not had it before and it is worth every penny. I had been craving real syrup and had to try it. Stoney Acres products are fantastic!!!

Christine Smith
tasty candy

I received a 1/2 lb. box of maple leaves for Christmas. They are so good. Mape candy is my all time favorite. These melt in your mouth and are irresistible to not eat the entire box!. I am going to order some of my own now.