Stony Acres Maple Farm

Pure Maple Sugar in Shaker Bottles

$ 12.95

Pure Maple Sugar. All natural sweetener.

Made with only Pure Maple Syrup!

Sizes Available:

1 Lb 8 oz.

10 oz.

5 oz.

Maple sugar is an all natural ultra fine healthy replacement for refined sugars.

Use in baking, cooking, coffee, anything you would use white sugars in.

Maple Sugar will be shipped in convenient shaker bottles.

Maple Sugar should keep indefinitely, as long as kept in a cool dry place.

Customization and bulk orders are available. Please feel free to contact us and let us know how we can accommodate you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tara Lapp
Maple sugar

Your toast will never be the same ! ❤️

Cedric Elmer
Wife loves it!

Lynda loves toasted muffins and bread so by using Smart Balance (a butter substitute), the powdered maple is held in place. I have toast only once a week so I alternate honey with maple cream and no powdered maple sugar.

Matthew V
great products

Love the products from Stony Acres Maple Farm! The maple sugar is subtle, but a nice change from granulated sugar.

Connie House

Pure Maple Sugar in Shaker Bottles